Magmi Security Issue(s) (Solved)

Hi all, I integrated many pull requests from contributors (thanks to all magmi developper community, you’re doing a great job). I just changed the security code based on Liam Witlshire patch to use magento database password to perform magmi embedded WWW auth. So now, all security alerts should be closed on latest magmi master branch (up to date both on GitHub & SF Git repos). The 0.7.22 release is to be out this week, including more than 1 year of commits & refactorings. Thanks to all people supporting magmi, while the releases were not done, the code was always updated ,so the project is still very active. Dweeves

Magmi Security Issue

The Magmi Security Issue Recently a “major” magmi security issue warning was reported in the news, i want to give my opinion on it.   1.Important Reminders Magmi is an “integrator” tool I first want to remind everyone that magmi is an integrator tool, mostly made for people to ingest or synchronize data Magmi UI is a helper more than a feature, the recommended magmi interface will always be the cli Magmi is aimed at automating data , since it has many plugins to configure and can handle many import profiles, i conceived an UI that enable easy setup & enable test runs. The UI itself is totally optional onceā€¦ Read More »

Magmi Galaxy

Discover Magmi Galaxy What is Magmi Galaxy ? Magmi Galaxy is a list of approved partners that are are providing valuable help, services or software that are related to magmi


This place hosts the most comprehensive tutorials for magento & magmi usage. The amount of work done by Matt & Dave is just amazing. They are totally demistifying magento & magmi, giving real solutions for real problem, taking the hand of the end users and let them unleash the power of those tools by guiding them step by step, using very well produced video tutorials.

Hello world!

Hi, this new magmi website is under construction. It will hold magmi dev news and links to magmi solution partners (let’s say Magmi Galaxy). More news & features to come as soon as i get time to work on it !!!!